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aged pu erh catechins theanine caffeine

Posted on Aug 5th 2016

aged pu erh catechins theanine

Posted on Jan 13th 2016

Tea: The Elixir of a Long LifeHuffington Post (blog)(Yellow and pu-erh are two other varieties of tea, but are not as widespread.) Black tea, produced. Also, the amino acid L-theanine, found almost exclusively in the tea plant, actively alters the attention networks of the brain, stimulating the.

aged pu erh cate

Posted on Sep 18th 2015

Pu-erh tea listed by cakes, visit this page for raw Sheng Green Pu-erh Beeng Cha, ripe Cooked Shu Tea Cake and Chitsu Pingcha, Menghai Chi Tsu bingcha Pu-erh tea (pronounced POO-air) is the most oxidized form of tea, often aged, and sometimes very expensive. Unlike other teas, which get stale over time.