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lemon black tea beer

Posted on Oct 4th 2016

From fermented black tea to beer mixed with lemon juice, beverage makers say they are trying to add nutritional value while curbing alcohol content and calories. With these moves, some brands are seeking to capture the loyalty of the elusive female. . cane sugar), some lemon flavour and aroma (thanks to the natural.

black tea beer

Posted on Dec 22nd 2015

Turner says that Brewed caught the craft-beer wave at the right time. “Some people might drink coffee that has a black-tea note to it and say, ‘I hate that. I’m not gonna touch that.’ “Or it might be really earthy. It’s like, ‘Where. In October, craft brewer Saranac said it was launching a line of Jed's Hard sodas in root beer, orange cream, and black cherry cream flavors built. supplemented by its Twisted Tea brand of hard iced.