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dcuo oolong chest

Posted on Sep 29th 2016

Item Drop Locations, Briefings, Investigations Find Styles & Items Drop Locations Here. WWW.DCUO-DB.COM.. Chest; Science Squad Experiments Oolong Body Scaling In DCUO size does matter, and players can now choose brand new body types in Character Creation. General: Home Forums > DCUO Discussion > Oracles Database (Guides) > Comprehensive Style Locator List.. Poison Ivy Mission, Oolong Island [Treasure Chest] Black Adam Hero or Villian. Adam. whom he suspected was responsible for financially backi

dcuo oolong island collections

Posted on May 17th 2016

List of Walkthroughs for DC Universe Online Collections with screenshots for every collection item and rewards Halls of Power Part I is an Episode pack for DC Universe Online released on August 6th, 2014. The New Gods of the Fourth World are preparing for battle on a cosmic scale. 80,221 views are DCUO collectibles similar to Investigations and Briefings. Collections' tokens are marked with a yellow question mark (?). DCUO fans will be please to know that one of their favorite characters Oliver